How CGI Unlocks Expansive Growth Through Crowdsourced Innovation

In this webinar Arun Purkayastha, Vice President, Consulting Services at CGI, talks through the role that crowdsourced innovation plays in unlocking growth for customers – and for companies.

Innovating with clients always requires judgment about which ideas and strategies to pursue, and which to avoid. What if the whole organization – not just one client team or business unit – could generate and identify the most promising innovative solutions to client challenges?

Arun shares how CGI’s Innovation Program has run over 38 challenges in less than two years, with 2,000 ideas submitted and 21 funded ideas.

From this webinar you will learn:

  • How to structure a challenge that results in actionable ideas
  • How to partner employees with experts to put ideas into practice and build a culture of innovation
  • When to evolve and scale an existing program and take a crowdsourced approach to innovation
  • What has worked at CGI – and where the company is headed next

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