How Pfizer Transformed into an Innovation Powerhouse

John Klick, Pfizer

John Klick
Sr. Manager of Worldwide Innovation, Pfizer
John is a member of the Pfizer Worldwide Innovation team responsible for accelerating innovation everyday across the 96,000-person organization. He is trained as an innovation champion facilitating teams in solving large business problems using innovation and experimentation tools. He is also responsible for figuring out how to use technology to enable and empower innovation through the large, global enterprise. Before joining Pfizer, he led the deployment of large, enterprise software systems in the healthcare space. He also has worked in the finance and nonprofit sectors enabling those businesses through technology.

Video Transcription:

One of my most favorite stories is our Vice President of Corporate Insurance had come to us with a problem. We do a tremendous amount of business with contracts and suppliers. There's a small component of those contracts that we don't necessarily get what we're owed or there's product that's damaged.

Because he was able to recover a couple of million dollars worth of recovered opportunities, that if he can do this, then what if we tapped into the Pfizer crowd to get their wisdom, to have them look at all the contracts that they deal with. Since then, over the last two years, we've recovered over $50M. We got corporate insurance to innovate and if they can innovate, anyone at Pfizer can innovate.

A lot of those misconceptions are, "I'm in admin, I'm on the front lines, I can't innovate. Only senior leaders can innovate or only folks at our R&D department can innovate." Everyone has a creative bone within them. Our mission within Worldwide Innovation is to accelerate innovate in the everyday and really encourage colleagues from all aspects of the business to bring forth that creativity, have that bravery to tell us their ideas, their insights.

The connections. I've had tremendous conversations with some really smart, passionate folks around innovation. Really getting me to think differently, expanding upon my ideas, sharing what I'm looking to do in having these really great innovators build on those ideas.